Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Lush Holiday Haul

Hey there lovelies! If you've never heard of Lush before, I'm sure you are not alone...considering it was just this year that I really got to know them! I'm so glad I did though. Every year they do special limited edition Halloween and Christmas collections that people wait on pins and needles for. After watching countless videos on YouTube showing these items, I was super excited for this years holiday releases. I watched and waited with the masses, and as soon as they came out I made my list and planned my trip to my local store! 

Here is what I wound up with:

A bag full of bath time goodies!

The Enchanter Bath Bomb
Halloween Collection - $6.25

This one was a must for me. I'd heard that this one replaced one from last year that I had become very interested in. Sadly, I don't remember the name of that one, but apparently it had flower petals inside it. Let me know in the comments if you know the name of that one! This bath bomb has lime and neroli oils and it smells citrusy and zingy. Just look at that color in the tub...stunning! Even my hubby was impressed. This one goes on my to buy list for next Halloween for sure.

So White Bath Bomb
Christmas Collection - $6.35

The Lush website says this bomb is soft and fruity with bergamont and neroli oil, and orange absolute. This smelled amazing. I couldn't wait to use it because every time I walked into my bathroom where I stored it, the smell beckoned! I took a picture of the action in the tub, but it didn't do it any justice. It fizzed nicely and a neon pink foam came out at the end. Such a surprise when the outside is stark white. I had such high hopes for this one, because I hadn't gone out planning to purchase it, but when I smelled it I had to have one. But sadly it really irritated my skin. I have dry skin right now, and I'm not sure if something in this bothered that or what. It left my legs stinging. I usually take a quick shower after my baths to rinse off, and I'm glad I did this time. The irritation only lasted an hour or so, but it was enough to be disappointing. This one may not do the same for you if you don't have dry sensitive skin, so don't rule this one out. The smell alone is worth the try!

Cinders Bath Bomb
Christmas Collection - $4.95

This little cutie hadn't been on my list either, but again it won me over with its scent which they say comes from cinnamon leaf, almond, and sweet orange oils. Yum! Even my 8 year old son oooed and ahhhedover it. It's much smaller than most of the Lush bath bombs I've tried and I was worried it wouldn't have the impact of the others, but I was wrong! It fizzed quickly and the vegan crackling candies popped like a fire long after the bomb had dissolved. It was really exciting! This one exceeded my expectations and out of all the Lush products I've tried thus far, this one is my favorite! It goes on my list for next Christmas.

Party Popper Bath Bomb
Christmas Collection - $5.95

I had this pretty little thing on my list because of the description on the Lush website: bergamont, tangerine and rose oil with dehydrated honeydew melon soap flakes inside. Sounds fruity and yummy! I haven't used this one yet, but I'm really looking forward to it! It's on my to do list for Thursday night bath night, and if you follow me in Instagram, you will no doubt catch a pic of it in action!

Oat fix Fresh Face Mask
$6.95 - only in stores

I've used the Cosmetic Warrior this past Summer, and I really liked it. It didn't irritate my skin or strip and dry it out like so many masks do to me. So when my skin started getting dry early this season, I thought I'd give Oatfix a try. It has oats, mashed banana, and ground almonds in it. It says it is perfect for dry skin or super sensitive and irritated faces. That was me! It feels and smells like you are rubbing cookie dough on your face. It's a little odd, but it feels nice. It was ok, but I'm thinking I will stick with the Cosmetic Warrior as I felt like it was much more delicate with my highly sensitive and dry skin.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
Christmas Collection - $7.25

Last but not least, I grabbed this cute little number. It was also not on my list, but so many of the items I wanted ended up either being out of stock or were pushed to online sales only at the last minute. I've never tried a bubble bar before and I liked the smell of this one, so I figured I'd give it a go. It has jasmine and ylang ylang oils in it, so it smells very soothing! just what you want on Christmas Eve. I have not used this yet, but I plan to get multiple uses out of it. I'm pretty sure I can at least get 2 uses out of it with my jacuzzi tub. If you have that size tub, how many uses can you get out of this if you cut it?

Although that was all I managed to get on my latest trip out to Lush, there were so many things I still wanted! So, I'm going to put my Lush Wish List below. I'd love to know what's on yours!

What have you been loving from Lush lately?

Lush Wish List

  • Gingerbread House Bubble Bar
  • Happy Bubble Bubble Bar
  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
  • Crackersnap Bath Bomb
  • Dragons Egg Bath Bomb
  • The Sicilian Bath Bomb
  • Silver Cloud Bath Bomb
  • Happy Blooming Bath Melt
  • You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt


Monday, November 26, 2012

October Empties

I know, once again I'm super late with these, but better late than never. Shall we get cracking!

I've really been trying to use up all of the samples I've amassed, so you will see quite a few over the next few months. I enjoy trying new things, and because I spend quite a bit of time online, I seem to find a lot of free samples. I'm also a Glossybox you can imagine the collection I'm starting to build!

Pantene Pro-V Classic Care Shampoo

We've had this shampoo lying around for quite sometime, and I wanted to finish it off. It wasn't anything to run out and repurchase. Most Pantene shampoos make my hair dry and wiry. This one was no different.

Nivea Express Hydration Daily Lotion
Sea Minerals & Lotus Flower

This lotion came in a Target Sample Bag. They post these on Facebook a few times a year, and they go quickly. I liked this lotion. The smell was the best part. It didn't sink in as quickly as I'd like, but that is just a personal husband doesn't care about that in a lotion. It was hydrating enough, but I won't be repurchasing since I have a ton of lotion samples lying around to use up first.

Professional Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tone Shampo & Conditioner

I got these in a Glossybox earlier this year. Again, these smelled amazing, but I just didn't feel like they were hydrating enough. The conditioner was a very different texture; think hair mousse. It definitely wasn't hydrating enough, but it was pretty neat. I won't be repurchasing either of these because like before, I have tons of samples to try out...and I've seen these are quite pricey!

Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action Toothpaste

This is my holy grail toothpaste. I buy this exclusively. I generally get it from either Target or Harris Teeter, but I'm pretty sure it is readily available in most grocery or drug stores and for fairly cheap. I buy it in the 2 packs and it lasts me most of the year! I just like the foaming action. It makes my mouth feel cleaner than the old school pastes types. I will continue to repurchase this.

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

When Simple products were first released in the US, they did a sample giveaway on Facebook. I'd only heard of this brand on the YouTube channels of the UK beauty gurus that I follow. I liked this face wash. It was super gentle and left my skin feeling very clean without being tight. It's not hydrating, but during the summer months this is perfect. I liked this product so well that I went ahead and purchased the full size and grabbed the moisturizing facial wash as well to use during the colder months. I found these in my local Walmart, but I'm pretty sure they an be found in your local grocery or drug stores, and they are cheap!

Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo

This sample was sent in a Birchbox early this year. I really liked it. The smell was very herbal, but the shampoo gave my hair a good cleaning without making it feel dry. I don't know if I'd say it was volumizing. I'd buy the full size if I was in the market for a new bottle of shampoo. I think you have to order this online, as I've not seen this particular product in any of my local stores, but maybe Ulta or some other specialty beauty product store might have it. It's more expensive than the standard shampoos, but I'm willing to pay a little more for quality shampoo.

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash for Sensitive Skin
Hibiscus & Fig

Got this sample in a Glossybox this Summer. I. Loved. It! This stuff was so moisturizing that it made my wash rag silky smooth! I use one of those exfoliating rags with my shower gel products, and if you've ever used one you know they are pretty rough. I like this about them, but for a product to actually make it soft...that is amazing! The scent was nice. I looked into buying the full size, but then I saw the other scents they had and now I want to try them all. I found a sample pack on Amazon that I will definately be picking up next time I need a body wash.

Acne Free Therapeutic Sulfur Mask & Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask with Rosemary and Honey

These two masks could not be more different. I got the Acne Free mask sample from their Facebook page. I chose the Chantecaille mask as one of my 3 free samples when I ordered a Christmas gift on Nordstrom's website.

I HATED the Acne Free mask! I'm not saying its a horrible mask, but you need to have pretty hardy skin for this to not irritate your face. My skin was so dry and tight and red when I was done with this. I even took it off before the time was up. Can we say ouch!

The Chantecaille mask, on the other hand, was gorgeous. I heard about this brand from Anna on ViviannaDoesMakeup's YouTube channel. She raves about the tented moisturizer, which is definately on my wish list after trying this mask. Oh my gosh, it was like nothing I've ever used. I wanted to hate it because of the price, but there is just nothing bad I can say about this! It smoothed on like a dream and felt super luxurious on the skin. When I took it off, my face felt soft and clean, but not at all dry and tight. A little goes a long way, so the price of the full size can be justified I think, but I won't be purchasing it right away...maybe after Christmas with a gift card! If you are in the market for a nice detox facial mask, I highly recommend this Chantecaille one! Totally worth the money.

The 2 items I don't have close up pictures of we're the Nutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser and the Edge Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel. There is nothing fancy here.

I got the cleanser in a Target Beauty Sample Bag earlier this year. You can get the full size in most grocery or drug stores I'm sure. It's inexpensive. I probably wouldn't repurchase it just because it didn't really wow me, but it's not a bad standard cleanser.

The shave gel is a good go to if you have sensitive skin on your legs. This is marketed as a men's shave gel, and my husband does use it, but I hate having 2 separate shaving gels on the go in my shower...takes up too much space. I'm not too choosy when it comes to shave gel as long as its for sensitive skin and it does the job. I pretty much use whatever is either on sale or what I have a coupon for. This was the case here. I'd buy it again. It didn't irritate my skin, and it doesn't smell too manly! You can grab this very cheaply at any grocery or drug store.

It's so late, I won't even bother asking what you used up in October...but what samples have you been loving or hating? Do you try to use up your beauty samples, or do they just collect in your house?

I'll be posting a holiday Lush haul later this week so stay tuned!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

October Glossybox

Yes, I know I'm quite late to the party, but I wanted to share with you lovelies what I got in my October Glossybox. The pictures are a little bright because I opened my box in the car while I was waiting in the car line at my sons school one afternoon. A freelancing work at home mom of two boys has to use every scrap of time wisely!

So lets jump into it.

As usual, the box was dusty pink with black tissue paper and a dusty rose ribbon. The theme for this box was Spa Luxe. We got luxury spa inspired products.
The only brand I recognized in this months box was Carol's Daughter. I had heard of this brand before, but had never used anything from them. I was excited to see it in the box though so I could try it out though!
I received 5 good sized samples in my box. The first thing I noticed was the smell of the Peppermint soap! But I was super impressed by the large Carol's Daughter Shea Soufflé sample.
The Shea Soufflé came in the Sugared Strawberry, Island mango, and Egyptian Musk scent. As expected, it is very complex, and quite a sweet scent. I like it a lot! I am currently using my Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter, but I can't wait to finish it so I can dip into this. The texture seems very silky and hydrating.
Next I pulled out this Nastassja Skin & Wellness Enzyme Facial Peel. It smells amazing! It is very citrusy, which makes sense as a facial peel. I have ever used one before, and I can't lie...I'm a little frightened by the idea! I use a retinoid and my skin I every sensitive, so I'm not sure if I will use this of not, but I will certainly report if I do.
I got this Model Co Lip Duo Lipstick & Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Dusk/Striptease. The colors are right up my alley pinky nudes, so I am excited to try this product! It even has a little mirror on the side, but I don't think it is very helpful for use with the lipstick...maybe the gloss though. I will let you know how I get on with this!
Now to the into smelling Heartland Fragrance Co. Exfoliating Loofa Soap. Even with the cellophane packaging, this soap is very heavily fragranced. I'm not sure how this translates onto the skin as I am still using my favorite Le Chatelard 1802 bars of soap from But now that my skin is starting to get a little dry and flaky in the colder weather, I may give this a go. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I will report on how the loofa agrees with it.
Finally, this good sized spray bottle of Alterna Professional Haircare Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist. I had just seen this brand mentioned in a Sephora email the very same week, so I was excited to see this. I think this would be great for a night out or if you are going to have holiday pictures done...whenever you need that extra bit of shine. I have family pictures booked to be taken next weekend in an outdoor setting so I will be giving this a try then.

All in all, I think this was a good box. The samples were very generous, and for the most part things I'd use. Stay tuned formy review so these products as I get to test them out!

Next up will be my October Empties post! Don't miss out on the products I've used up.


If you get Glossybox, what did you get in October? What did you think of the box? Do you have a favorite product from it?